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World Cup
# Name Score
1 FOURCADE Martin 216
2 SVENDSEN Emil Hegle 203
3 FAK Jakov 196
4 SCHEMPP Simon 192
5 MORAVEC Ondrej 167
6 LANDERTINGER Dominik 164
7 SHIPULIN Anton 162
8 BOE Johannes Thingnes 149
9 BIRNBACHER Andreas 145
10 BOE Tarjei 141
Overall ranking
VARVYNETS Iryna All photos

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World Cup, Pokljuka
2014-12-19 14:25 (CET)
Men 10 km Sprint

  ADIDAS new supplier of Ukraine Biathlon team

2013-03-10 15:45 | Two new sections on the website - Autograph Cards and Paraphernalia

As usual, before each season we announce something new at our website. In this season due to efforts of Mariya Osolodkina we've got two new sections - Autograph Cards and Paraphernalia. We offer all our fans (not only from Ukraine) to become owners of unique biathlon souvenirs.
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2012-08-22 13:35 | Summer championship of Ukraine 2012

On 21.08 - 24.08 Tysovets hosts the Summer skiroller championship of Ukraine. 49 men and 29 women are taking part in the competitions. The weather in the Carpathian mountains is wonderful for the summer biathlon. 8 sportsmen from Russia came to take part in the championship.

Sprint. Men
1. Andriy DERYZEMLYA (0+0) 20:37
2. Oleg BEREZHNOY (0+0) +0.15
3. Olexander BILANENKO (0+0) +0.48
4. Artem PRYMA (0+1) +1:12
5. Andriy VOZNIAK (1+0) +1:16
6. Россия Konstantin TISHKOV (0+2) +1:21
7. Serguei SEDNEV (1+1) +1:21
8. Serhiy SEMENOV (2+1) +1:36
Sprint. Women
1. Olena PIDHRUSHNA (1+1) 19:24
2. Natalya BURDYGA (3+0) +0:02
3. Iryna VARVYNETS (2+0) +0:09
4. Vita SEMERENKO (2+1) +0:24
5. Yana BONDAR (0+1) +0:30
Juliya DZHYMA (0+1) +0:44
Olga ABRAMOVA (2+2) +0:57
8. Inna SUPRUN (1+1) +1:00


Men. Pursuit
1. Oleg BEREZHNOY (0+0+2+0) 28:23
2. Andriy DERYZEMLYA (1+0+1+2) +0:46
3. Olexander BILANENKO (0+2+0+0) +1:04
4.  Serhiy SEMENOV (0+1+0+0) +1:23
5.  Serguei SEDNEV (0+0+1+1) +1:28
6. Andriy VOZNIAK (0+2+0+3) +3:05
7. Eugen Zhevlakov (1+0+2+0) +3:13
8.  Konstantin TISHKOV (3+0+1+1) +3:21
Women. Pursuit (11:50)
1. Olena PIDHRUSHNA (0+0+0+1) 27:48
2.  Iryna VARVYNETS (2+0+0+0) +0:36
3.  Natalya BURDYGA (2+1+1+0) +1:15
4. Valj SEMERENKO (0+1+1+1) +1:27
5.  Olga ABRAMOVA (2+3+1+1) +3:41
6. Россия Larisa Diakova (0+0+0+0) +4:17
7.  Inna SUPRUN (2+1+1+0) +5:06
8.  Yana BONDAR (1+4+3+1) +5:58

On 24.08 there will be mass-start.

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2011-11-22 10:25 | Ukrainian National Team in the 2011/2012 season

Follow this link to view the coaches and members of Ukrainian National Team in the 2010/2011 season
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2011-03-10 17:54 | Vita Semerenko: I am a very vulnerable person

Vita is an excellent half of one whole Ukrainian miracle named Semerenko. They are always together, supporting each other in tough moments and rejoicing when they win. Vita is very similar to Valya by appearance, but the sisters are completely different. They are united by great diligence, perseverance and love for biathlon. At first glance, Vita seemed to be a somewhat reserved and uncommunicative person. But when we got to know each other better, she appeared to be as easy-going as her sister.

However, when talking to her, you see that it's not quite true. Before answering the question, Vita looks inside herself. Just a minute ago she was laughing and joking, and a minute later you see a thoughtful look and a slightly sad smile, as if Vita was in her dream world.

Vita Semerenko: I am a very vulnerable person

Dear English-speaking fans, please inform us which materials you'd like to see, and we'll try to translate them.
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2008-06-03 12:55 | ADIDAS new supplier of Ukraine Biathlon team

Last week President Federation Biathlon of Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr Brynzak signed the precontract with Adidas company, which has been presented by Hans Hobi (responsible for winter sport) who will be supplier of the Ukraine biathlon men and women team for period 2008 to 2010. After this period will be new negotiations for prolongations of the contract. Adidas will also supply junior team under special conditions which are under discussions.

Adidas will supply team with the summer and winter clothing of 35 members of the team, there will be more than 30 different clothing parts.

For competition athletes will have running suits in Ukraine colour and will be immediately recognized during the TV coverage.

More detail information will be given in autumn after the signature of the contract.
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2008-01-13 12:24 | Olena Petrova: " I wish to shoot during the hunting "

A week ago one of the most titled Ukrainian biathlonists Украина Olena Petrova officially finished her sports career. After the turning point for our skiers with a weapon on Olympic Games in Salt Lake City (2002), Olena Petrova became the only connection between two generations, the visual example of success for young female biathlonists in Ukrainian team.

- Do you consider yourself to be a Ukrainian?
- Sure! Soon it's going to be half of life I lived in Ukraine. I‘ve had no thoughts about going back to Russia for almost ten years. Now my Motherland is Ukraine .

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2008-01-04 13:41 | Interview with Serguei Sednev - bronze medalist in Pokljuka

SEDNEV SergueiEven Ukrainian coaches did not expect that Sergey Sednev will be the best among Ukrainians in the general World Cup standings. Before the season he considered to win his first points and not a podium place. It is clear why Slovene television cameramen have paid attention to our biathlonist only before finish.

- Did you have intuition before the race?
- I did not have a premonition of success, rather vice versa. It was so hard on start that I thought only about finishing the race. I thanked our servicemen after finish because yesterday my skis really flew on a track.

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2007-12-22 23:49 | Profiles of ukrainian biathlonists

All profiles of Ukrainian sportsmen were updated. Please welcome.
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2007-12-20 11:06 | New photos from Hochflzen and Pokljuka

We have added new photos from WC2 in Hochfilzen and WC3 in Pokljuka with Ukrainian sportsmen. Thanks a lot to Olga Sydoruk and Dagmar Schweitzer - german fan of Ukrainian team!.

Pokljuka 2007. Ukrainian team - (104 photos)
Hochfilzen 2007. Ukrainian team (38 photos)

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2007-12-12 16:09 | Which biathlonist is the most popular?

Do you know who is the most popular biathlonist? With the help of our website we can determine this. In the rank you can see the name of the sportsman and number of unique visits to his profile on our website in the last season. First place is held by Magdalena NEUNER, the youngest triple-World Champion in biathlon ever.

1.  Magdalena NEUNER (Germany) 10,454
2.  Ole Einar BJOERNDALEN (Norway) 6,808
3.  Kati WILHELM (Germany) 5,217
4.  Dmitri IAROCHENKO (Russia) 4,933
5.  Andrea HENKEL (Germany) 4,621
6.  Raphael POIREE (France) 4,400
7.  Michael GREIS (Germany) 4,177
8.  Sandrine BAILLY (France) 4,070
9.  Nikolay KRUGLOV (Russia) 3,360
10.  Россия Maxim Tchoudov (Russia) 2,966
11.  Martina GLAGOW (Germany) 2,927
12.  Россия Ivan Tcherezov (Russia) 2,926
13.  Anna Carin OLOFSSON (Sweden) 2,889
14.  Oksana KHVOSTENKO (Ukraine) 2,811
15.  Kathrin HITZER (Germany) 2,564
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World Cup
# Name Score
1 MAKARAINEN Kaisa 308
2 DOMRACHEVA Darya 243
3 SEMERENKO Valj 240
5 ECKHOFF Tiril 200
6 OBERHOFER Karin 200
7 WIERER Dorothea 199
8 HILDEBRAND Franziska 195
9 GLAZYRINA Ekaterina 187
10 VITKOVA Veronika 183
Overall ranking

  SEMENOV Serhiy
  DZHYMA Juliya
  SVENDSEN Emil Hegle
  VITKOVA Veronika

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