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World Cup
# Name Score
1 FOURCADE Martin 1151
2 BOE Johannes Thingnes 820
3 SHIPULIN Anton 806
4 SCHEMPP Simon 769
5 EDER Simon 714
6 BOE Tarjei 708
7 GARANICHEV Evgeniy 659
8 DOLL Benedikt 602
9 LANDERTINGER Dominik 600
10 SVENDSEN Emil Hegle 595
Overall ranking
SEMENOV Serhiy All photos

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2016-01-29 20:36 | Statistics. Let's compare countries at YWCH 2016 (Youth category)

Upon completion of the two individual races in youth category, we have made an interesting statistics. In this statistics we compare the overall readiness of the countries to the junior world championship according to such parameters as shooting and speed, read more...
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2016-01-22 22:57 | Statistics. Longest podium series without victories

With every new medal  Tarjei Boe don't forget that he has one of the longest podium series without victories, and that is true, read more...
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2015-12-11 21:30 | Statistics. Women's sprints with the biggest competition

This season the competition in the women's biathlon is the biggest in history. Each race bring us new heroes and that's perfect for our sport. As it turned out, today's sprint set a new record for the density of the results: the gap of the 60th place is 1 minute and 56 seconds, read more...
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2015-12-02 20:40 | Statistics 2015/2016. Oldest winners in the history of biathlon

After the triumph in Ostersund Ole Einar Bjoerndalen set a lot of world records. And of course he became the oldest winner in the history of biathlon, read more...
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2015-03-07 19:20 | Statistics. Speed comparison WC vs WCH (women)

To understand who is in better shape in Kontiolahti, see the comparison of season speed statistics vs. the WCH sprint race, read more...
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2015-03-07 16:54 | Statistics. Speed comparison WC vs WCH (men)

To understand who is in better shape in Kontiolahti, see the comparison of season speed statistics vs. the WCH sprint race, read more...
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2015-01-27 10:47 | Statistics. Longest clear shooting series in relays

In the relay race on sunday Laura Dahlmeier set an amazing record. Despite the weather conditions, she continued her series of clear shooting in the relays. Moreover, she did not miss any shot in the relay races during the whole career, ream more...
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2015-01-18 22:35 | Anti-doping initiative of Ukraine's Biathlon Federation

Athletes who are found guilty of doping will be denied the right to be included in the national team of Ukraine. This initiative was made by Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, said FBU President Украина Vladimir Brynzak:

I would like to inform the fans and all biathlon community about the initiative of our Federation regarding the incident with Sergey Sednev. We decided to unilaterally dismiss the athletes who were caught using prohibited medicine from the Ukrainian national team. It means that the athletes, in addition to the standard two-year disqualification by IBU, will no longer be able to become a part of the Ukrainian national team. We hope that such decision will influence those who will try to act dishonestly and discredit our federation. With this initiative we would like to emphasize the fact that we always support only honest competition, and encourage other national federations to support us.
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2015-01-18 18:38 | Statistics. Closest results in pursuits and mass starts

Today's statistics are simply obvious as men's mass start in Ruhpolding has become one of the most dramatic in the history of biathlon. For the first time in the history of our sport, all three athletes have shown the same time.

Yes, the legendary finish of Bjorndalen, Poiree and Fischer will remain the most dramatic finish and a favorite race of many fans. Today's result can be only repeated, but not surpassed, read more...
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2015-01-14 21:50 | Statistics. Most impressive wins in the relays

Czech team in today's relay race had a very impressive gap of more than a minute. Nevertheless, it's not a record. Lets look at the list of women's relay races with a big gap of the winner, read more...
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World Cup
# Name Score
1 SOUKALOVA Gabriela 1074
2 DORIN HABERT Marie 1028
3 WIERER Dorothea 944
4 MAKARAINEN Kaisa 892
5 HILDEBRAND Franziska 793
6 DAHLMEIER Laura 786
7 PIDHRUSHNA Olena 754
8 VITKOVA Veronika 703
9 BESCOND Anais 666
10 GUZIK Krystyna 566
Overall ranking

  DZHIMA Yuliia
  SEMENOV Serhiy
  SVENDSEN Emil Hegle
  WIERER Dorothea

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