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# Name Score
1 FOURCADE Martin 777
2 SCHEMPP Simon 699
3 SHIPULIN Anton 684
4 FAK Jakov 648
5 BOE Johannes Thingnes 552
6 GARANICHEV Evgeniy 505
7 SVENDSEN Emil Hegle 470
8 MORAVEC Ondrej 466
9 SLESINGR Michal 410
10 LESSER Erik 410
Overall ranking
TRUSH Vitaliy
CEBRYNSKI Nazarii All photos

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World Championship, Kontiolahti
2015-03-05 17:15 (CET)
Mixed Relay

  ADIDAS new supplier of Ukraine Biathlon team

2015-01-27 10:47 | Statistics. Longest clear shooting series in relays

In the relay race on sunday Laura Dahlmeier set an amazing record. Despite the weather conditions, she continued her series of clear shooting in the relays. Moreover, she did not miss any shot in the relay races during the whole career, ream more...
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2015-01-18 22:35 | Anti-doping initiative of Ukraine's Biathlon Federation

Athletes who are found guilty of doping will be denied the right to be included in the national team of Ukraine. This initiative was made by Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, said FBU President Украина Vladimir Brynzak:

I would like to inform the fans and all biathlon community about the initiative of our Federation regarding the incident with Sergey Sednev. We decided to unilaterally dismiss the athletes who were caught using prohibited medicine from the Ukrainian national team. It means that the athletes, in addition to the standard two-year disqualification by IBU, will no longer be able to become a part of the Ukrainian national team. We hope that such decision will influence those who will try to act dishonestly and discredit our federation. With this initiative we would like to emphasize the fact that we always support only honest competition, and encourage other national federations to support us.
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2015-01-18 18:38 | Statistics. Closest results in pursuits and mass starts

Today's statistics are simply obvious as men's mass start in Ruhpolding has become one of the most dramatic in the history of biathlon. For the first time in the history of our sport, all three athletes have shown the same time.

Yes, the legendary finish of Bjorndalen, Poiree and Fischer will remain the most dramatic finish and a favorite race of many fans. Today's result can be only repeated, but not surpassed, read more...
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2015-01-14 21:50 | Statistics. Most impressive wins in the relays

Czech team in today's relay race had a very impressive gap of more than a minute. Nevertheless, it's not a record. Lets look at the list of women's relay races with a big gap of the winner, read more...
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2015-01-11 19:12 | Doping Test of Sergei Sednev Gave a Positive Result

The International Biathlon Union (IBU) reported about the positive analysis of doping test A of the former Ukrainian biathlete Sergei Sednev. The positive sample was taken on January 22, 2013 in Antholz. After the initial inspection in 2013 Serguei had not been informed about the positive sample and only after being reviewed in December 2014 the discovery of an indefinite prohibited substance was reported.

The Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, in accordance with Art. 6.5 Anti-Doping Rules IBU, conducted an internal investigation, in which the athlete was not able to explain or refute the use of illegal substances. The positive results of doping tests were unexpected because the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine is constantly working with athletes, coaches, doctors, and rehabilitators regarding the inadmissibility of the prohibited drugs use.

The athlete was given the opportunity of opening the B sample, which would have cost 2,500 euros. But as Sednev had finished his carreer after the poor results over the past seasons, he decided not to conduct the further analysis.

The Biathlon Federation of Ukraine supports the work of IBU and WADA and supports the measures that are aimed at ensuring the integrity of sports. We hope for objective decision of the IBU Anti-Doping Commission regarding this case in accordance with the Anti-Doping Rules.
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2015-01-10 20:46 | Statistics. Bjoerndalen Is the Oldest Medalist in the History

Only a few seconds separated Ole Einar Bjoerndalen from winning the World Cup race in today's sprint in Oberhof. Nevertheless, he set several records and became the oldest medalist in individual races in the history of biathlon. By finishing second he beat Hanevold, who was his last frontier in this interesting ranking, read more...
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2015-01-10 20:21 | Statistics. Oberhof Is the Worst Place for Shooting

Weather conditions had a great influence on the results of both sprints in Oberhof. Many athletes have made so many misses. It's interesting that both sprints are not even in the top 30 races of the last 17 years with the worst shooting.

We decided to check which venues and races had the worst shooting, read more...
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2013-03-10 15:45 | Two new sections on the website - Autograph Cards and Paraphernalia

As usual, before each season we announce something new at our website. In this season due to efforts of Mariya Osolodkina we've got two new sections - Autograph Cards and Paraphernalia. We offer all our fans (not only from Ukraine) to become owners of unique biathlon souvenirs.
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2012-08-22 13:35 | Summer championship of Ukraine 2012

On 21.08 - 24.08 Tysovets hosts the Summer skiroller championship of Ukraine. 49 men and 29 women are taking part in the competitions. The weather in the Carpathian mountains is wonderful for the summer biathlon. 8 sportsmen from Russia came to take part in the championship.

Sprint. Men
1. Andriy DERYZEMLYA (0+0) 20:37
2. Oleg BEREZHNOY (0+0) +0.15
3. Olexander BILANENKO (0+0) +0.48
4. Artem PRYMA (0+1) +1:12
5. Andriy VOZNIAK (1+0) +1:16
6. Россия Konstantin TISHKOV (0+2) +1:21
7. Serguei SEDNEV (1+1) +1:21
8. Serhiy SEMENOV (2+1) +1:36
Sprint. Women
1. Olena PIDHRUSHNA (1+1) 19:24
2. Natalya BURDYGA (3+0) +0:02
3. Iryna VARVYNETS (2+0) +0:09
4. Vita SEMERENKO (2+1) +0:24
5. Yana BONDAR (0+1) +0:30
Juliya DZHYMA (0+1) +0:44
Olga ABRAMOVA (2+2) +0:57
8. Inna SUPRUN (1+1) +1:00


Men. Pursuit
1. Oleg BEREZHNOY (0+0+2+0) 28:23
2. Andriy DERYZEMLYA (1+0+1+2) +0:46
3. Olexander BILANENKO (0+2+0+0) +1:04
4.  Serhiy SEMENOV (0+1+0+0) +1:23
5.  Serguei SEDNEV (0+0+1+1) +1:28
6. Andriy VOZNIAK (0+2+0+3) +3:05
7. Eugen Zhevlakov (1+0+2+0) +3:13
8.  Konstantin TISHKOV (3+0+1+1) +3:21
Women. Pursuit (11:50)
1. Olena PIDHRUSHNA (0+0+0+1) 27:48
2.  Iryna VARVYNETS (2+0+0+0) +0:36
3.  Natalya BURDYGA (2+1+1+0) +1:15
4. Valj SEMERENKO (0+1+1+1) +1:27
5.  Olga ABRAMOVA (2+3+1+1) +3:41
6. Россия Larisa Diakova (0+0+0+0) +4:17
7.  Inna SUPRUN (2+1+1+0) +5:06
8.  Yana BONDAR (1+4+3+1) +5:58

On 24.08 there will be mass-start.

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2011-11-22 10:25 | Ukrainian National Team in the 2011/2012 season

Follow this link to view the coaches and members of Ukrainian National Team in the 2010/2011 season
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World Cup
# Name Score
1 DOMRACHEVA Darya 837
2 MAKARAINEN Kaisa 827
3 VITKOVA Veronika 620
4 SEMERENKO Valj 610
5 HILDEBRAND Franziska 553
6 WIERER Dorothea 542
7 SOUKALOVA Gabriela 489
8 OBERHOFER Karin 458
9 ECKHOFF Tiril 450
10 GLAZYRINA Ekaterina 441
Overall ranking

  SEMENOV Serhiy
  DZHYMA Juliya
  SVENDSEN Emil Hegle
  VITKOVA Veronika

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