World Cup
# Name Score
1 FOURCADE Martin 788
2 FILLON MAILLET Quentin 712
3 BOE Johannes Thingnes 690
4 BOE Tarjei 623
5 DESTHIEUX Simon 576
6 LOGINOV Alexandr 570
7 JACQUELIN Emilien 547
8 DOLL Benedikt 512
9 DALE Johannes 506
10 CHRISTIANSEN Vetle Sjastad 439
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2020-02-26 11:00 (CET)
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European Championship, Minsk-Raubichi
2020-02-26 11:00 (CET)
Men Super sprint Qualification

2007-12-12 16:09 |

Which biathlonist is the most popular?

Do you know who is the most popular biathlonist? With the help of our website we can determine this. In the rank you can see the name of the sportsman and number of unique visits to his profile on our website in the last season. First place is held by Magdalena NEUNER, the youngest triple-World Champion in biathlon ever.

1.  Magdalena NEUNER (Germany) 10,454
2.  Ole Einar BJOERNDALEN (Norway) 6,808
3.  Kati WILHELM (Germany) 5,217
4.  Dmitri IAROCHENKO (Russia) 4,933
5.  Andrea HENKEL (Germany) 4,621
6.  Raphael POIREE (France) 4,400
7.  Michael GREIS (Germany) 4,177
8.  Sandrine BAILLY (France) 4,070
9.  Nikolay KRUGLOV (Russia) 3,360
10.  Россия Maxim Tchoudov (Russia) 2,966
11.  Martina GLAGOW (Germany) 2,927
12.  Россия Ivan Tcherezov (Russia) 2,926
13.  Anna Carin OLOFSSON (Sweden) 2,889
14.  Oksana KHVOSTENKO (Ukraine) 2,811
15.  Kathrin HITZER (Germany) 2,564
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Comments (Number: 1)
2011-02-13 11:58
 # 1  Jordan Andrews (Лондон, Великобритания)
Can you please update this popularity chart as the placings have all changed round. Darya Domracheva is currently first! Neuner third! Thankyou! Go Ukraine!!!
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World Cup
# Name Score
1 WIERER Dorothea 719
2 OEBERG Hanna 613
3 ECKHOFF Tiril 607
5 HERRMANN Denise 571
6 TANDREVOLD Ingrid Landmark 461
7 FIALKOVA Paulina 445
8 SIMON Julia 441
9 BRAISAZ Justine 433
10 PREUSS Franziska 411
Overall ranking
popular profile

Russia  LOGINOV Alexandr
Finland  MAKARAINEN Kaisa
Ukraine  SEMERENKO Valj
Norway  BJOERNDALEN Ole Einar
Ukraine  DZHIMA Yuliia
Ukraine  SEMERENKO Vita
France  FOURCADE Martin
Belarus  KRYUKO Iryna
Norway  SVENDSEN Emil Hegle
Ukraine  BLASHKO Darya
Italy  WIERER Dorothea
Ukraine  PIDRUCHNUY Dmytro
Norway  BOE Johannes Thingnes
Belarus  DOMRACHEVA Darya
Ukraine  MERKUSHYNA Anastasiya