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World Cup, Oestersund
2021-11-27 11:45 (CET)
Women 15 km Individual

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World Cup, Oestersund
2021-11-27 11:45 (CET)
Women 15 km Individual


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Name  TSYMBAL Bogdan
Birthdate  1997-08-09
Height  186
Weight  80
Birthplace  Sumy, Ukraine
Residence  Sumy, Ukraine
Homeplace  Sumy, Ukraine
Education  higher
Languages  Ukrainian, Russian
Profession  Athlete
Marital Status  Married
Hobbies  Bike, music
First Year in Biathlon  2008
National team  2018
Coaches  Serdyuk М.М, Dmitrenko Yu.V.
Team сoach  Yuray Sanitra
Club  ShVSM
Rifle  Anschütz
Skis  Fischer
Gloves  Roeckl, Adidas
Goggles  Adidas
Ski poles  Swix
Sponsors  Перша приватна броварня, TAK, PEAK Roeckl, Український капітал
Race suit  Craft
  Users evaluation
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    Favorite stadium and favorite stage - Pokljuk;
    favorite book - "Aleph" by Paulo Coelho;
    what music do you like - it all depends of the mood;
    favorite color - black;
    favorite animal - lion;
    the most valued in people - honesty;
    what can you forgive one, and what - no - I do not forgive betrayal, and all the rest - trivia of life;
    favorite season - summer;
    which sports, besides biathlon, like the most - cycling.
    Season ALL IN SP PU MS RL
    20/21 82.4 (164/199) 90.0 (18/20) 78.8 (63/80) 87.5 (35/40) 0.0 (0/0) 81.4 (48/59)
    19/20 84.0 (42/50) 90.0 (18/20) 80.0 (24/30) 0.0 (0/0) 0.0 (0/0) 0.0 (0/0)
      Speed statistics by seasons
    Average time gap per kilometer from average time of five best results in SPRINT races (in seconds)
      Top results
      European championship
    2021   Duszniki Zdroj   Mixed Relay 3
      IBU Cup
    2021   Arber   Men 4x7.5 km Relay 2
      Junior European Championship
    2018   Pokljuka   Junior Men 12.5 km Pursuit 2
    2018   Pokljuka   Junior Men 10 km Sprint 3
      Top-10 individual results
    2021   Pokljuka   Men 12.5 km Pursuit WCH 18
    2021   Pokljuka   Men 10 km Sprint WCH 30
    2021   Oestersund   Men 12.5 km Pursuit WC 33
    2020   Kontiolahti   Men 20 km Individual WC 47
    2021   Oestersund   Men 10 km Sprint WC 50
    2021   Nove Mesto   Men 10 km Sprint WC 62
    2020   Pokljuka   Men 20 km Individual WC 65
    2020   Antholz-Anterselva   Men 10 km Sprint WCH 67
    2020   Hochfilzen   Men 10 km Sprint WC 68
    2020   Kontiolahti   Men 10 km Sprint WC 70
      World cup total
    Season ALL IN SP PU MS
    20/21 62 72 45
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