World Cup
# Name Score
1 FOURCADE Martin 752
2 FILLON MAILLET Quentin 658
3 BOE Johannes Thingnes 630
4 BOE Tarjei 580
5 LOGINOV Alexandr 570
6 DESTHIEUX Simon 536
7 JACQUELIN Emilien 499
8 DOLL Benedikt 483
9 DALE Johannes 472
10 CHRISTIANSEN Vetle Sjastad 411
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World Championship, Antholz-Anterselva
2020-02-22 11:45 (CET)
Women 4x6 km Relay

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World Championship, Antholz-Anterselva
2020-02-22 11:45 (CET)
Women 4x6 km Relay

Fan page

Not available anymore

Starting from this season every fan of our national team has got an opportunity to support the favorite team in a more colorful way. Now the Ukrainian fans of the most beautiful kind of sports, biathlon, can be recognized by paraphernalia.

Our fans are worth the best, so the scarves and caps are handmade from the quality material - angora wool. The items look great and can be worn not only on World Cup stages or biathlon competitions, but also in everyday life. The chevrons attached to the items are presented in two variants: in English and in Ukrainian. The length of the scarf is 150 cm.

The price is: Scarves - 200 UAH ($9, 9), caps - 200 UAH ($9, 9), sets (scarf+cap) - 350 UAH ($16, 16). Prices excluding shipment.


If you would like to purchase a scarf or a cap, please contact us via email
World Cup
# Name Score
1 WIERER Dorothea 665
2 ECKHOFF Tiril 571
3 OEBERG Hanna 565
4 HERRMANN Denise 542
6 TANDREVOLD Ingrid Landmark 436
7 FIALKOVA Paulina 419
8 BRAISAZ Justine 415
9 SIMON Julia 401
10 VITTOZZI Lisa 377
Overall ranking

Russia  LOGINOV Alexandr
Finland  MAKARAINEN Kaisa
Ukraine  SEMERENKO Valj
Norway  BJOERNDALEN Ole Einar
Ukraine  DZHIMA Yuliia
Ukraine  SEMERENKO Vita
France  FOURCADE Martin
Belarus  KRYUKO Iryna
Norway  SVENDSEN Emil Hegle
Ukraine  BLASHKO Darya
Italy  WIERER Dorothea
Ukraine  PIDRUCHNUY Dmytro
Norway  BOE Johannes Thingnes
Belarus  DOMRACHEVA Darya
Ukraine  MERKUSHYNA Anastasiya

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